CMT Services

Our sampling and CMT service is perfect for British designers looking for good quality samples and small-scale manufacturing.

At Threads, we believe is working in partnership with our designers to achieve the best results for them. We like to understand their brand values and the brand identity so that we can offer the best manufacturing advice to achieve cost effective high quality garments.
All of our clients embrace our ethical values and believe in fair wages for our employees and choose to manufacture with Threads for an open honest designer/manufacture relationship.


We offer a sampling service to all clients. Our advice is that sampling is imperative to ensure quality and ascertain production prices, especially before taking and garments to a trade show. At Threads we will not run a production without producing a production sample.


We offer small production runs on our premises in Ruislip. We ensure timely delivery and will not take on production that we are unable to fulfil. Our open door policy means that our clients can come and check their production at any time. Packaging is offered to all production if packaging materials are provided. Once production is completed all fabrics and patterns are handed back unless we are asked to store them for repeat orders.

Pattern Cutting

We work with a pool of freelance pattern cutters who can produce from sketches.



We can recommend graders for your patterns.